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Facebook + Skype

I am a big fan of Facebook and I could most probably same thing for chat. However, I wasn’t too excited about Facebook’s new Skype (video calling and group chat) functionality when rumors about it being Zuckerberg’s announcement came out last week.

You see, I am rarely on Facebook while I’m on my laptop. Approximately eighty percent of my Facebook time is spent while I’m on my phone or my iPad. Given that, these platforms aren’t so much chat-friendly, at least in my case. In addition, I don’t go out of my way to connect to Facebook chat because it just it’s so bothersome with all the spam chat messages going around.

My regular chat platforms are whatsapp? and google chat and Skype - with a very limited and well picked contact list. I have taken out my SMS plan on my Verizon bill for this reason. I should pick up some research on what the rest of the world uses but that should go in another blog post.

Now when asked if the new facebook feature has done anything for me, it’s a no. But that is just me. I havent heard or seen any reviews on this feature for those who actually chat on facebook. I will be following up this entry when the reviews, comments come out.

In the meantime, what do you use to chat with your peers?

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