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Instagram vs. Vine

Two free loopable video sharing services have now hit social media by storm - first with Vine and more recently, Instagram. While the differences are limited to the length of video you’re allowed to post and the possibility of enhancing such videos with filters, it would be interesting to see which service would be sticking around for the long run. 

I’ve been a user of both services for quite sometime now and I have found that the user adoption of Vine is not quite as quick as that of Instagram. The video only service of Vine is not any help either. Instagram however has the luxury of being part of the Facebook family, still photo capability, and the user’s being able to artsify their takes before posting them. 

Instagram or Vine, whichever shutterbug poison you choose, make sure that the content you share is indeed worth sharing and not just a waste of precious bandwidth. 

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Seriously, You Don’t Have to be on Social Media 24/7


Unless you’re in the business of managing a brand, you don’t necessarily need to be online 24/7.  After all, we all need to be more efficient and effective in our respective business focuses - and social media has turned into a distraction for many.

Sure, everyone wants to, in one way or another build their digital footprints - but it doesn’t need to take a full day to actually do that. Also, with the growing number of social networks growing each day, you will still need to keep your sanity.

Pardot, an ExactTarget Company, has created an infographic on how to rock social media in just 30 minutes each day  - and stresses that “A winning social media strategy is all about working smarter, not harder.” Click here to find out how. 

Still overwhelmed? It’s not so bad, isn’t it? Now, depending on how deeply you feel the need to engage, that is where you will need to adjust. But 30 minutes a day is not so bad - and as with all things in life, if you’ve got a strategy planned out, you will be able to manage all this, easy peasy. 

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Think You Know Everything There is to Know About Social Media?

As more and more people spend time online, socializing and researching about brands, yours is vulnerable by itself. In business school, we learn that the brand is the emotion evoked in people’s minds and hearts. And how can your brand evoke that positive feeling within your consumers? SOCIAL MEDIA. Brand Managers, CEOs, Corporate Communications professionals, Human Resources, Sales, Entrepreneurs, and you yourself have a brand to protect. 

While networking and investing in keeping the press busy with something to say about your brand or product, you too have a story to tell about your brand. Through different social networks, you are able to reach out to a number of people beyond your wildest dreams. 

There is no sure way to measure sales directly coming from social media apart from deals or coupons that you entice consumers with to “like” your brand page. However, research suggests that fans are 3x more likely to buy the brand they liked thank those who don’t. 

There are many reasons why people would follow a brand. Followers of luxury brands may not necessarily purchase those brands but they want to experience the lifestyle such brands exude. Some follow a brand they won’t normally buy only because they are conducting some kind of research. And others become fans because they want to share their experiences with the brand, good or bad, and need or expect some form of response. 

And that’s where you, as brand managers, as protectors of your brands, come in. I know there’s that undying question about how to actually convert your likes into buys. You must start the storytelling. Introduce the brand to your audience, add content relevant to your audience and keep them coming back for more by keeping things interesting.

Your duty doesn’t stop there. You need to network. Reach out to other users who would be interested in your brand. Converse with them and keep them engaged by responding to comments. Believe it or not, 95% of Facebook wall posts are not answered by brands. Do you talk to your consumers? Ignore them? Or are you one of those who delete negative comments from consumers that you don’t care to see on your walls? Your consumers are reaching out to you and want to be your real life brand ambassadors to their friends. Let them.

There are a lot of social media platforms that you can utilize to promote your brand. Social Media is more than just having a Facebook Brand Page or Twitter Feed. YouTube or Vimeo allow you to post videos related to your brand. You can upload ads, reviews, or tutorials on how to use your brand. Blogging platforms such as Tumblr allows you to talk about your products at length, at the same time enhancing the reading experience with photos. Slideshare and Delicious are great for individuals who want to promote their personal brands. 

There are so many things you can do with social media for your brand’s benefit and this article can never fully exhaust the full breadth of it. There are developments everyday and as long as you keep yourself updated on trends and best practices (visit my Facebook Page on Social Media), without a doubt, you can learn (almost) all you need to know about social media. 

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Get a ring and receive 2 Klout Points !!!

Overnight, my Klout score has instantly increased by two points after changing my Facebook status from Ina Relationship to Engaged. Apparently, to Klout, a ring merits 2 points.

Apart from its perks, I am finding little use or benefit to Klout. I am finding it highly inaccurate, and a few months into using the service, I still haven’t figured out how it gives out or takes away points. All I can see is that depending on how active you are on twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Foursquare, you receive or lose one or so points in a day.

But then again, Klout says I am influential about junk food, macs and get this: Miami Heat. Firstly, my food blog is hardly junk, I don’t use a mac nor talk about it, and I only found out about the Miami Heat after seeing it on my Klout page and then googling it.

as a follow up to this blog post, I came upon this article: As of september 20, 10 days after announcing our engagement on social media, my Klout points have increased 6 points. Fancy!

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Isn’t it Funny?

Isn’t it funny that one must LIKE a brand page on Facebook before he or she may be able to write a bad review/experience on that brand’s page? It got me thinking this evening in class about how we must be ‘friends’ with some brands first before being ‘honest’ with them and letting them know what you really think.

This is a real reason why a DISLIKE button is in order. It’s an untapped metric and resource where the brand’s performance/likeability can be monitored. Likes vs dislikes at a certain point in time. What about the ability of a brand to turn DISLIKES into LIKES and the other way around?

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why open a Google+ account when you already have Facebook?

Watch this animation I found on twitter and see why (the author says) you should (or shouldn’t) open or at least try out Google+. Worth pondering over.

Now I’m not saying that Google+ will ever replace Facebook. Just from a consumer standpoint, Facebook is just more friendly. And there’s no way people are moving to another platform just to keep in touch with friends. 

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Fearless Forecast - Google+ will not replace Facebook

Google’s true niche is in a gratis email platform which people appreciate, love and will remain loyal to for a long time. It’s no wonder that it’s been around for years.  With this new addition to their portfolio of services, I am very skeptical about their foray into the social networking realm where Facebook is undoubtedly the true and only player. 

Firstly, Facebook has the advantage of experience. And it’s of the good kind. They have years and years of developing and making something great even greater. Google has made several attempts at going beyond email and chat. None of those attempts except perhaps Google AdWords became truly successful.

Google+ is a wee bit too sterile and clean looking for people who are used to and welcome the clutter and the mirage of services Facebook provides. In summary, Google+ only has a chat client, a status and wall posting function, photo sharing. Facebook has all that and more (events, games, pages etc)

Lastly, heck, all my (and your) friends are on Facebook. Why change it when it isn’t broke? I got in touch with all my grade school and high school friends on Facebook. I am in a world where you are considered odd if you’re not on Facebook. And the network and extended networks I am offered on Facebook is something I really value in this connected world.

I am interested in finding out how many actually deactivate their Facebook profiles after moving to Google+. Let’s wait and see. 

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Facebook + Skype

I am a big fan of Facebook and I could most probably same thing for chat. However, I wasn’t too excited about Facebook’s new Skype (video calling and group chat) functionality when rumors about it being Zuckerberg’s announcement came out last week.

You see, I am rarely on Facebook while I’m on my laptop. Approximately eighty percent of my Facebook time is spent while I’m on my phone or my iPad. Given that, these platforms aren’t so much chat-friendly, at least in my case. In addition, I don’t go out of my way to connect to Facebook chat because it just it’s so bothersome with all the spam chat messages going around.

My regular chat platforms are whatsapp? and google chat and Skype - with a very limited and well picked contact list. I have taken out my SMS plan on my Verizon bill for this reason. I should pick up some research on what the rest of the world uses but that should go in another blog post.

Now when asked if the new facebook feature has done anything for me, it’s a no. But that is just me. I havent heard or seen any reviews on this feature for those who actually chat on facebook. I will be following up this entry when the reviews, comments come out.

In the meantime, what do you use to chat with your peers?

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From Hashbrowns to Hashtags

My ‘About Me’ says it all. I already have a food blog ( which most people already associate with me and I take great pride in (call me shallow, but imagine my excitement when I received an email notification that Andrew Zimmern started following me on twitter). I am also intensely passionate about one other thing and I will write all I know or feel about the developments regarding the topic. 

What is it, you may ask. Like most of you, (don’t deny it!) I have my android phone on me day and night. I am online all day, sharing, tweeting, commenting, posting, tagging. YES, I thrive on Social Media and all the good stuff that come with it.

This explains why I am on Master’s #2. No, I am not bookish. Maybe, slightly nerdy to some for wanting to go back to school after undergrad. After earning my MBA in 2006, I joined the corporate world for 4 and a half years. I am now back in school - again. My dad says for a refresher - hardly. I am currently in graduate school in NYU to complement my brand management experience with today’s digital marketing trends. After all, what’s the use of all the LIKES on Facebook’s fan pages if we can’t convert those likes to $$$? Like it or not, Zuckerberg didn’t create Facebook to allow people to gain sympathy likes. Our bosses are not impressed with increasing PR Share of Voice. We get on their good side by delivering the profit. 

So, on this platform, I am going to do what I feel I do best. SHARING. 

I will share with you, dear readers, my thoughts, feelings, musings, readings on SOCIAL MEDIA. Please enjoy and feel free to comment, repost, and share.

I’d love to hear from you!

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